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31 October 2023

Give users their data

I had two incidents last week that, from opposite directions, pointed out to me the importance of being able to export my data from the applications I am using.

2 October 2023

Less assumptions, more resilience

My sister and I have been working on a family software project for a while now. In this context, we employ a tool developed by one of our clients at , while also actively contributing to it. As my sister attempted to use it last Friday, suddenly a .

26 September 2023

A few thoughts on extroversion

There is one thing I deeply love about the United States and always enjoy while being there. It is the extroversion of people. They talk about what they do in work and life in general, they celebrate it and also want to hear accordingly from you as well. It’s truly remarkable and invigorating.

3 August 2023

Faraday cages for focus

I have already talked about the . To improve my focus, being quite of a systematic person, I try to recognise the indicators of the quality of my focus and the conditions, under which it flourishes or struggles.

29 June 2023

What is the trade-off?

Last month, we held our fourth company meet-up, where most of our small team got together and worked in person from our office for a whole week.

31 May 2023

It only works if you know why

“It does not work, and I do not know why! Now it works and I still do not know why!”

1 February 2023

Django Prose: Wonderful rich text content editing for Django

We are super excited today to announce ; an open source project we have been working on for a while in LOGIC. Django Prose makes it extremely easy to work with rich-text content in Django, our web framework of choice. Let’s take a deeper look into this.

6 December 2022

LAUNCH: Vaulty

This is a special day. We are extremely excited today to launch Vaulty, along with its first subscription offering “Vaulty Personal”. Vaulty is the easiest way to receive end-to-end encrypted sensitive information.

4 November 2022

No one cares that "An error occurred"

A couple of months ago I ran into an issue with a car I rented, that quite much resembled a regular situation in software.

12 September 2022

A few thoughts on focus

For the last few years I take considerable vacation every August — 2 weeks minimum. It helps me relax, rejuvenate and think.

27 July 2022

Too many upgrades is a downgrade

Getting distracted by the very same tools you use to do your job in your every day work is really new to our species. Our brain has been developed for hundreds of years with non-intrusive tools. The pen and paper on an architects office, would never pop up a notification to let you know about their new versions. Neither would the hammer in a blacksmith’s workshop. On the other side though, we are getting constant “update notifications” from our own tools, when we work. These notifications are the exact distractions that is the arch enemy of focus in creativity. We are not and should never get used to that.