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Pragmatic articles on software development and management

State of Progress is the development blog of LOGIC, a software company in Athens, Greece. Here we post articles on pragmatic software development, management and business. From time to time, we might as well share some corporate news we find interesting, like launching new products or opening a new job position.

We started State of Progress back in 2016, before even co-founding LOGIC, because we have always truly loved to communicate how we work. We consider ourselves cyberpunks, as we have always built and shipped software based on our own principles, often contrary to dystopic market practices. This is why here, we share our views and practices on how to build high quality software, that ages well, because we know how to do so through the lens of a successful software company.

If this sounds interesting, head over to our articles. We have already said a lot and have even more to say in the future.

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