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You might have heard by now about the Greek government's initiative to introduce a digital work card, which enables employees to check in and out of their workplaces, while also keeping track of their overtimes. The backbone of this digital transformation is Ergani, the official platform for managing employment-related processes in Greece.

Every developer that has been tasked with integrating or building software on top of any Greek government platform, knows that navigating the endless bureaucracy and outdated engineering practices is a real pain. That’s exactly why we are really excited to relieve some of this pain by announcing ergani.

ergani is a Python SDK that allows developers to communicate with the official API of Ergani, check in and out employees, declare overtimes and submit any kind of schedule.

We initially developed this SDK for internal use, but we always had in mind to make it open source, so we had to get it right. We have completely mapped the complex functionalities of the Ergani API with a clear-cut structure, type hints and dataclasses, while paying close attention to the ease of use. That’s also why ergani comes packed with a ton of documentation and real-world examples. We have even included a glossary to make sure that you won’t become lightheaded, trying to make sense of the Ergani API voodoo. You can take a tour of all of the internals in

To get started, all that you have to do is to install ergani with your favorite package manager:

pip install ergani

You can now create multiple ErganiClient instances that handle even the most complex business structures and start integrating digital work cards in your system.

Are you passionate about creating awesome software? Do you have any suggestions or questions about ergani? We are more than pleased to accept pull requests or delve into a discussion in our GitHub repository:

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