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LOGIC is hiring a Marketing Intern

by pariskasid

Posted on 22 February 2024

We are no longer accepting applications for this position. Thanks to everyone who applied!

We are excited to announce that we are looking to hire an intern to kick off our marketing operations at LOGIC.

A few words about us

LOGIC is a software company in Athens, Greece. We build web applications for our clients and us.

We’re here for the long run. We are looking for autonomous and self-motivated people to join  and grow within our small, yet both international and multidisciplinary team.

We strive to provide an environment where you can grow both your technical and communication skills. We are involved in a variety of projects, allowing you to gain diverse experiences and have a multifaceted everyday work life.

A few words about you

You are a student in, or a recent graduate of a Greek university, passionate about marketing and with excellent communication skills.

You enjoy writing and proofreading copy, creating content on different platforms and organizing events. 

You are willing to work with physical presence in Athens, Greece, when necessary.


We will ask you to showcase or talk about some sort of personal work, like a university assignment, a personal blog or a social media account.

This is an internship position. No previous professional experience or degree is required.


You have excellent communication skills. You can clearly and professionally express your thoughts, concerns and feedback both verbally and in writing. You can communicate both within the company and externally, like coordinating with event venue staff or replying in social media comments.

You are self motivated and self managed. You can take initiative on which task to work on a day given a pool of available tasks with clear priorities. If you are blocked by an external issue, you can communicate the situation and then work on the next available task.

You are well versed in using social media, like YouTube, X, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. You understand how each of these platforms work and the different kinds of content that is suitable for each platform.

What you will be working on

You will be working on building a consistent presence online and offline presence for LOGIC. 

You will work on our online presence, by preparing and publishing content for:

You will work on our offline presence, by assisting in:

  • Organising a Docker Athens meetup every six weeks
  • Preparing our presence for local conferences, like Open Conf


In a typical week in this position, among your duties will be:

  • Uploading, publishing and sharing podcast episodes
  • Cutting, uploading and schedule publishing short videos from last podcasts
  • Publishing and sharing blog articles
  • Social media posts for our homebrews, like cafés in Remote Work Café
  • Author copy for new landing pages in our marketing website


This is a full time 40-hour per week internship.

We expect you to be available daily from 11:00 to 15:00 (Europe/Athens), with the rest of your daily working hours being flexible.


This internship is remote, but requires physical presence in Athens, Greece for organizing of local meetups and conferences.

We also provide office space in downtown Athens, when you need or prefer to work there.


Monthly net compensation for this internship is €800.


This is a six-month internship. By the end of the fifth month we will decide whether we will extend this to a full-time job.

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Would you like to join us as a Marketing Intern? Reach out with a brief cover letter at [email protected].