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A few thoughts on extroversion

by pariskasid

Posted on 26 September 2023

There is one thing I deeply love about the United States and always enjoy while being there. It is the extroversion of people. They talk about what they do in work and life in general, they celebrate it and also want to hear accordingly from you as well. It’s truly remarkable and invigorating.

This is quite alien in Greece and Europe in general. If you talk a lot about what you do and your successes, many will look at you like an oddball! Quite frankly though, I believe we have to learn a lot from the United Stated in how we communicate our work — in general and in specific at LOGIC. A year ago I talked about the importance of focus. As we are doing good progress towards this goal, this year we will improve on communicating our work.

When I discuss about this matter with other people, usually they will tell me something like “Of course! You should always sell yourself, your company and what you do”. I even disagree with this. As much as I absolutely enjoy getting the dopamine rush from selling and closing a deal for a new project, this is not what extroversion is about. It’s not about promoting, selling or forcing anything to anyone. It’s all about communicating, making sure you are out there available, being crystal clear and intentional about who you are and what you do.

There is no reason or grace in doing the best work on the planet, if no one knows about it. You should do the work, communicate it clearly and make sure the ones who care about it can learn about it.

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