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I recently watched the talk of Jensen Huang at the 2024 SIEPR Economic Summit, where in a bit paraphrased manner, he mentioned that “greatness requires resilience, which in turn comes out of hardship”. I am vibing with it. Expanding on that statement, companies rarely talk about overcoming failures in business.

A few weeks ago I went out for a beer with a great friend right after the UX Greece meetup with Jeff Sauro. He asked me if there is anything exciting happening at LOGIC I would like to share. Almost instantaneously I answered that I was really excited about a couple of difficult discussions we had about a recent project where we did not meet our high standards.

We dealt with it with two direct and straightforward meetings. First, we laid out the facts (e.g. when we first delivered, when we wrapped up and the reactions of the client) and aligned on the parts that were on our control (e.g. setting an informed deadline). Next, we had a discussion on how we can avoid some situations (e.g. set better informed deadlines) or how to better deal with certain uncertainties (e.g. how to improve confidence in code delivered for review or deliverables for clients). It was an incredible and positive experience.

It’s clear we came out of this stronger. We did great improvements on our way of working. Most importantly though, we now have a framework for difficult discussions, that we can also iterate on.

I am so excited to see LOGIC getting out of taking an L, less fragile and more resilient. This is how we build resilience for the long term.

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