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There is something deeply human and intimate about putting your signature on your work. This move directly implies a moral responsibility for the results of the work.

A couple months ago, we fucked up the delivery of a project to a client. We delivered in time, but with an unreasonable amount of bugs. Ironically, we would fix bugs for a few weeks, before it was actually usable. I did not take this lightly.

This sparked multiple discussions between Antonis, I and the whole team at LOGIC. We had to understand why this happened and how to avoid similar situations in the future. Obviously, the main focus was improving ourselves and our processes. We took a few decisions that I am really excited about, but will share in future articles.

The main reason we delivered work that didn't meet our standards, was prioritising delivering in time over delivering a polished product. Digging one level deeper, this was an internal decision after the client let us know that the due date was of sheer importance and non negotiable. Consequently, we decided it was better to deliver at the best possible quality for the given date.

This was a bad call for two reasons. First, we believed that our client would certainly be happy and agree with our approach. Secondly, we underestimated how important it is to be very diligent with where and when to put our signature on and deliver the work.

Consistency in the quality of the final product is how you build a brand. People will easier forgive a restaurant for delaying bringing out the food, than bringing food of quality that does not meet the bar. Soon, we will share a few insights on a few decisions we took on how we work internally, to meet the high standards that we put on the work we deliver.

A great functioning system is a requirement to deliver polished work that you are proud of and happy to put your signature on. It’s difficult to build it, but it’s worth it.

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