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We are thrilled to announce that we are looking to hire a Web Developer at LOGIC. LOGIC is the company through which Antonis and I are pursuing exciting projects.

A few words about us working with you

We’re here for the long run. We are looking for an ambitious and goal-minded person that will grow a team leader and provide technical guidance to new employees in the years to come.

Our goal is to provide an environment where you can grow both your technical and communication skills. We are involved in a variety of projects, allowing you to gain diverse experiences.

To see how we view this role, check out our video presenting it here:

A few words about you

You are a passionate professional developer with excellent communication skills.

You want to work as part of a team and ambitious to grow as a team leader in the following years.

You are NOT a “ninja”, “macho” or “rockstar” developer.


We expect you to showcase samples of personal work, like a personal website or project.

No previous professional experience or degree is required.


You have excellent communication skills. You can clearly and professionally express your thoughts, concerns and feedback both verbally and in writing. You can communicate both within the company and with external stakeholders, like clients or open source contributors.

You are self motivated and self managed. You can take initiative on what to work on a given day from a pool of available tasks with clear priorities. If you are blocked by an external issue, you communicate the situation and then work on the next available task.

You have fundamental programming and algorithmic skills. You can create a server rendered HTML page or API endpoint. You can manipulate data, like ordering a list of Cafés, by popularity.

You understand and use the basics of Git. You can commit your work to your local Git repository and work with browsers. You can work with Git providers like GitHub.

What you will be working on

You will be working both on external client projects and our own products, what we call homebrews. Some of these are:

You will also work on our open source projects, which you can take a look at


As part of a typical week, you will:

  • Implement new features
  • Fix bugs
  • Write developer documentation and release notes
  • Deploy to production

The tech stack will be HTML, CSS (Tailwind), JavaScript (Vue) and Python with Django.


This is a full time 40-hour per week role.

We expect you to be available daily from 11:00 to 15:00 (GMT+2), with the rest of your daily working hours being flexible.


This job is fully remote. You can work from wherever you wish in a timezone between GMT+0 and GMT+4.

If you are residing outside of Greece, you should be able to invoice us for your work.

We also provide office space in downtown Athens. You can work from there, whenever you wish.


Gross annual compensation will be settled between 19,000€ to 24,000€. That’s about 900€ to 1,100€ monthly salary after taxes based on the labour legislation in Greece.

We will settle on the exact compensation amount based on prior experience and skills.


  • Up to 1,400€ per year for restaurant vouchers
  • Up to 3,000€ for your equipment
  • Up to 600€ per year for educational purposes


The deadline for applications is Sunday, 17 April 2022. We require an excellent cover letter about why you would like to work with us. A concise paragraph is enough.

Applying early won’t impact the process, so make sure to apply in time with the best application possible.

To apply for this job fill in the form at


⭐️ We wish you the best and looking forward to working with you! ⭐️

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