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LOGIC is hiring a Junior Web Developer

We are excited to announce that we are looking to hire a Junior Web Developer at LOGIC, the new company through which Antonis and I are pursuing some exciting new projects.

A few words about us working with you

We’re here for the long run, we’re looking for an ambitious and goal-minded person that will eventually grow to lead a team and provide technical expertise in the years to come.

Our goal is to provide an environment where you can grow your technical and communication skills. We are involved in a variety of projects, allowing you to gain diverse experiences.

To see how we view this role, check out our video presenting it here:

A few words about you

You are a passionate junior professional programmer with excellent communication skills.

You want to work as part of a team and ambitious to grow as a team leader in the following years.

You are NOT a “ninja”, “macho” or “rockstar” developer.


No previous professional experience or degree is required. This is a junior position.

Showcasing previous personal work (e.g. personal website, project or school assignments), will be highly appreciated.


We expect you to be able to showcase:

  • Excellent communication skills (speaking, writing, communicating concepts, responding to and sharing feedback)
  • Self motivated and self managed personality
  • Fundamental programming and algorithmic skills
  • Fundamental understanding of Git


During a typical week, you are expected to:

  • Implement new features
  • Fix bugs
  • Document functionality
  • Deploy to production

The tech stack will be HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python web framework Django.


This is a full time 40-hour per week role. 

We expect you to be available daily from 11:00 to 15:00 (GMT+2), with the rest of your daily working hours being flexible.


This job is fully remote. You can work from wherever you wish in a timezone between GMT+0 and GMT+4.

If you are residing outside of Greece, you should be able to invoice us for your work.

We also provide office space in downtown Athens, if you prefer working there.


Gross annual compensation will be settled between 17000€ to 23000€. That’s  about 800€ to 1000€ monthly salary after taxes based on the labour legislation in Greece.

We will settle on the exact compensation amount based on prior experience and skills.


  • Up to 3000€ for your equipment
  • Up to 600€ per year for educational purposes


To apply for this job fill in the form at We will start reviewing applicants as soon as applications start to come in, until we find a person we are truly excited to work with.

Having said that, we expect to keep the job application open for two to four weeks.


⭐️ We are looking forward to working with you! ⭐️