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by pariskasid

Posted on 28 November 2016

Welcome to The State of Progress, a blog that hosts only pragmatic and timeless articles on developing and managing software.

This is the first and one of the very few non-technical article of this blog. It’s an introduction and a statement of what we and this blog stand for. Let me guide you through this.

We feel overwhelmed by all these articles about the tons of new “cool” tools and libraries that spin up every minute. We can’t take anymore reading dozens of articles about setting up a multi-tenant cluster, without it solving a real problem.

We are strong proponents that software should be purposeful. Whether we are talking about a commercial product or open source software, it should serve a pragmatic purpose and solve real problems.

Great software is not the one that utilises “great” tools. It’s the one that solves great problems by utilising the right tools.

This is the kind of software we try to build and want to talk about.

Here you will be able to read strong — yet informed — opinions, best practices, failures and successes all based on our experience in building great software used by thousands of people across the world.

What kind of articles you won’t find here

  • A Python interpreter written in Rust
  • Setting up a Docker Swarm cluster across AWS and my Raspberry Pi
  • Getting started with ES2017, Babel and Webpack

What kind of articles you will find here

  • How we used HTTP PATCH to drop response time from 10s to 100ms
  • Our take on Django staticfiles for frictionless development and seamless production deployment
  • Why it made sense choosing Swarm over Kubernetes for our application

We like to think of the State of Progress as a library on great software development. We build it so we can go back to it, when we run into a problem in the future, and find resources that will help us move forward.

Right now the editors of the State of Progress are Antonis and me co-founders at SourceLair, which lets you develop your web applications in a browser and Dimitris Togias engineer at Skroutz, the biggest price comparing platform in Greece.

So that was it. Welcome to the State of Progress and enjoy reading!

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