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Consistency is the key

Consistency can easily become our friend or our foe. Being consistent is extremely hard but this is what it keeps us away from fulfilling our goals and our dreams eventually. Who said that this is easy right?

Recently I ‘ve managed to lose 15 kg so I couldn’t be more proud of myself right now. You know what was the key to achieve this? Consistency.

I make a living out of software engineering and management which is quite harmful for my shape. We are talking about lots of hours sitting in front of a monitor on a daily basis. Weekends included. Moving rarely throughout the day is deadly for our body.

The whole set-up literally starts falling apart after doing this for some years or so. That kind of consistency obviously has some awful results.

So how did I manage to fix this? By introducing and sticking to some good habits:

  • Exercise twice a week with a personal trainer who comes at home early in the morning so that I cannot escape from this 😬
  • Stop being a night owl which is something that most engineers tend to do
  • Eat dinner at 19.30pm and never after 21.00pm. Greeks tend to eat really late
  • Hire a specialist to help me fix my diet and arrange a weekly session to measure my weight. She comes at home early in the morning so that I cannot escape from this too 😁
  • Realise that I have to spend some more for all these and stick to my plan to make it work

…and it worked!!!

So I started exercising 8 months ago, then I fixed my daily schedule and when I get used to these changes I went on a diet. This happened 4 months ago and since then I ‘ve lost 15kgs.

Every session has been held on specific day and hour for months. It was tough at first but I got used to it because it became part of my routine.

Tons of gyms out there offer deals where we can buy a cheap subscription for a year and visit them whenever we like. You know what? I ‘ve tried this and it never worked. After 1–2 weeks I started finding excuses related with my workload. I have a call, I have a deadline, I have sooo much work to do. I ‘ll go tomorrow or the day after and so on. Going to the gym 2–3 times per month is not real training. We need to stay persistent here.

Since I ‘ve tried this in the past, I didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes. I scheduled them really early in the morning before getting to work so I don’t find silly excuses as time goes by and it really worked.

All these take place at home so the cost obviously is a little higher. You know what? My health is far more precious so I really thought about it like a real investment. In order to achieve my goal I had to stop searching for excuses. And this was the time I finally did it 😉.

I was consistent as hell and it worked. Νow I am in a shape I couldn’t even imagine 1 year ago. Using the stairs is not a nightmare anymore.

The funny thing is that I am even better at work, full of energy and passion to push forward all these projects I run and make them blossom. How cool right?

So consistency is the key to success and failure. Stop finding excuses. They won’t get you anywhere. You know who you are and what are your weaknesses. We are human beings and this it totally normal. You need to overcome them with bold decisions. Stay consistent and you ‘ll make it work. Trust me. Cheers!!